Team Spotlight: Kevin Chaja, CTO

3 min readFeb 11, 2022


-Written by Kevin Chaja, CTO of Gamestar+

Kevin Chaja CTO of Gamestar+

Why I’m Working with Gamestar+

The future of game night is here and Gamestar+ is it. It’s the world’s first interactive Streaming Games on Demand (SGOD) platform and it's blowing the minds of traditional board game fans and tech gurus alike. That’s why I’m working to help deliver this innovative technology. It really is the Netflix of games.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m a full-stack tech guru with experience in gaming, app development, and emerging platforms. I graduated from California State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Computer Science, where I still lecture part-time.

I started out as the Lead Data Technician for Warner Bros Entertainment in 2005 before heading to MySpace, where I automated QA tools for the Search and Advertising teams. Between 2008 and 2012, I worked as a product specialist, PHP developer, and software engineer before joining Sony Colourworks as a Systems Engineer.

In 2015, I moved to Dolby Laboratories, where I worked on SDK incorporation and automation testing as the Head of QA. In 2016, I returned to Sony Pictures Entertainment as the Executive Director of Post-Production Technology. Here, I honed my management skills in advanced workflows and participated as an SME Subject Matter Expert.

Without question though, the pride and joy of my career an app I independently developed and funded called Moment. My wife, a school psychologist, inspired me to create a tool to assess and teach language and social skills to children with Autism. The app utilizes MergeCube VR technology to create an immersive yet engaging educational experience for these children.

Moment represents a definitive turning point in my career. It’s a project close to my heart with such a powerful and inspirational use case. I then formed the app Color Black Moment as CEO, which I sold to EQtainment in 2018.

After that, I went on to work with Disney+ as their Senior Prototype Engineer and Product Business Developer. I worked on product and business development projects under StudioLAB, including licensing and commercial agreements. In addition, I set up Virtual Production and testing for Research and Development and partner training and education during my time there.

“Companies like Disney reach out to me for the exact experience I got from “Moment AR,” where I created an app and company from an idea and saw it through to acquisition. This skillset took project and product management, engineering, software development, and prototyping fundamentals. This kind of “jack of all trades” approach, along with that entrepreneur experience, opened up so many opportunities.” — Kevin Chaja, CTO


Gamestar is about creating a social experience for its users while utilizing tech. With Kevins’ unique experience with multi-sensory gaming, he is the top choice for driving the technology of Gamestar. He is in the process of filing four patents. One is the immersive, multi-sensory gaming experience of the SGOD format and IoT home components.

Gamestar ensures they have the best of the best, and Kevin manages the delivery of Gamestars technology. With Kevin at the helm, there is no doubt that users can expect mind-blowing features and functionality from Gamestar+.

About Gamestar

Gamestar, the “Netflix for Games,” is the next-generation streaming app that combines an innovative ‘Play to Earn’ blockchain architecture to deliver unique social gaming content through TV, mobile, and connected devices. Industry experts from Sony, Imagination Entertainment, Disney, HBO have formed an incredible executive suite with advisors from Hasbro, CNN, Jeopardy, and Shark Tank are already on board. In addition, Gamestar has secured globally recognized IP rights with titles such as Family Feud, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Scene It?, and more.

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Gamestar+ is a next-generation streaming app that combines classic game play patterns with an innovative Play to Earn blockchain architecture.